Why iReports goes mobile…

Publish Interactive is launching a new phase in the development of it’s iReports publishing solution – it’s going mobile.

From now on, publishers who use iReports to power their report publishing platforms will be able to offer customers a version specifically calibrated for them to find and read reports on the go.

To mark this significant new development in the history of the iReports platform, we have also moved the technology to a new release version. Version 7.0 of iReports is out now and ready for use!

But what have we done this? Why now?

In November, last year, a research company called Statscounter found that more 51% of web pages were called up the previous month from mobile devices – with the clear majority of this traffic coming from smartphones rather than tablets.

It was the first-time mobiles had surpassed both desktop and laptop computers for web browsing.

More staggering still is how quickly mobile browsing has caught on. In 2010, just 5% of websites were viewed via a mobile and three years ago the figure stood at just 25%.

Now, most Google searches happen on mobile – and spending on mobile advertising has surpassed that for desktops.

The staggering uptake in the use of mobiles (particularly smartphones) as the go-to device for looking at websites is the reason why we have developed our own mobile interface.

The business information community is moving in the same direction as all other markets and sectors – albeit a little more slowly. Nevertheless, its future is digital – and that means mobile.

Through launching this innovative new version of our powerful iReports platform – and developing it as we move through our seventh major technology release – we aim to show market research businesses how they can navigate the great change that’s taking place across and become the leaders in their industry in new, emerging digital economy.

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