Four tips for making the most of Categories

For a Market Intelligence portfolio to make sense to customers, good organisation is critical – and for that we use Categories.

So, how do you make sure you use Categories well and ensure your content is ordered properly?

Categories are used across iReports to make it easier for users to find content and for publishers to sell content bundles. Here, we’re going to look at key tips that will help publishers maximise their usefulness:

  1. A piece of content should only be assigned to one category per Category Tree. This ensures search results aren’t littered with duplicates of the same report and it also just makes sense as the subject of the report will usually relate most strongly to one category
  2. Assign content at the deepest level possible. The system will then also automatically attribute this to all appropriate higher categories in the Category Tree for the sake of search
  3. The depth of Category Trees changes from publisher to publisher, but typically we find that three or four levels are sufficient. Any deeper can start to get confusing
  4. Selling bundled category groups in a single package is a great way to allow users access to multiple reports and topics all in one go


If you’d like to know more about using categories in the best way possible, we can help.

Either call or email for a chat or sign up here for a demo of iReports – our industry-leading content publishing and management system.

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