eBook: Subscriptions and the Future of Research Publishing

We have been running a series of posts looking at how and why moving from a transactional to a subscriptions model will come to dominate the future of research report delivery.

For those already using a subscription model, the challenge will be to optimise and finesse their approach to ensure they can maximise the opportunities presented to them.

To draw together our thinking on the subject, we pulled all the information into a handy ebook:

Subscriptions and the Future of Research Publishing

The ebook looks at six key themes around subscription. They are:

  • Flexible access management
  • Knowing your costs and basic revenue
  • The importance of workflow tools
  • When subs go bad… how technology can mitigate risk
  • Using analytics to understand customer behaviour
  • How one subs platform can serve all customer types

You can access the ebook here

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