Bad search: a key reason why research publishers need to upgrade their technology – and fast

There’s been a noticeable trend in recent months of publishers making enquiries about iReports – our intuitive research publishing platform –  as their own systems are no longer fit for purpose.

One of the main reasons they cite for starting conversations with us is because their current search function is failing to help their customers unearth the content they’ve purchased through subscription.

If an end user can’t find what they need and have paid for, of course, they will be dissatisfied and start to look for that information elsewhere. Equally troubling, however, is how poor search really limits the depth and breadth of a publisher’s portfolio to its customers.

In all likelihood, the information the customer needs is buried in a report somewhere. It’s just that the system was unable to match this to a request for it. This means the publisher’s portfolio is not being maximized. It’s true value is not realized.

When this happens, it can have an awful skewering effect. The true value of a publisher’s content is not known and, as a result, the focus of future content production becomes geared around subjects and themes that, on the surface, appear to be the more popular or fulfilling for the customers.

Improved and intuitive search will:

  • Liberate a publisher’s portfolio by providing increased and relevant visibility
  • Give them a clear view on the performance of all content
  • Make customers satisfied as they quickly and easily locate the information they need

The answer to these issues with search lies in iReports – our intuitive publishing system.

Why don’t you book a demo now?

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