Analysts are rock stars – let’s make it easier to find their content

Analysts are fundamental to the success of research businesses. Their insights cut through billions of lines of data and deliver a clear vision of various business sectors. It’s time to make more of them.

Use of smart publishing technology is a great way for a research business to reinforce the expertise of its analysts. Let’s use it to empower these gurus of business intelligence…

Analyst = rock star

Market analysis firms have historically been reluctant to give great prominence to their analysts or use them heavily as marketing assets. As a result, analysts tended to remain in the background.

Today’s business climate is different. It’s increasingly open. Analysts have Twitter accounts, they blog, and they’re likely to be active on LinkedIn. As organisational credibility is so much more focused on personality, it makes sense to harness the public value these key individuals already possess.

Tech that empowers

Intuitive technology enables customers to find out more about individual analysts and makes it easier to quickly access the content they produce.

People naturally gravitate to people they trust. If a user has found value in the work of an analyst, technology can be used to empower the reader to find even more of their output.

Going public

A smart publishing system should empower analysts to brand themselves as the heroines and heroes of their subject matter – and the best way to do this is to place their profiles front and centre.

A good profile should list the analyst’s name, their job title, and the sectors they cover. To help put a face to the brain, profiles should also carry a photograph and biography alongside a list of all the content that individual has produced.

Boosting profiles

In a recent update to our publishing platform, we made it possible for research businesses to add features that would help raise the profile of their analysts and make it easier for customers to locate their content.

These included:

Analyst landing pages – where a full profile could be displayed

Search by Analyst – enabling users to find a specific analyst by entering their name in the search bar. What’s more, if they’re listed, their name will appear as an auto-complete option as the user types.

External landing pages – we also made it possible to link to an external analyst landing page so publishers can direct users to profiles lying outside any password-protected content area.

Search filters – we even created an option where ‘Analyst’ can be added as a search filter so that users can even more quickly find content from the people they trust.

Making it happen…

Through a series of relatively small measures, we’ve empowered our customers to make their analysts the cornerstone of their digital marketing efforts.

It makes perfect sense and is easy to implement – all it requires is for a research provider to use the right kind of publishing technology.

If you’d like to see how profiles of your analyst would look on our industry-leading content publishing and management system please call, email, or sign up here for a demo.