When a trunk is also a boot: making use of aliases in iReports

The UK and the US are countries separated by a common language – where we have boots, fringes, rubbish and lifts, the US has trunks, bangs, trash and elevators. 

In conversation, these alternate takes on the language aren’t a problem. When it comes to indexing research content for an international audience, however, do you stick with your ‘courgette’ or substitute it for a ‘zucchini’? 

Well, it isn’t a problem that will raise its head again. We have dealt with this thorny issue, once and for all. 

In a recent post, we outlined how Tags are used across iReports to make it easier to find related pieces of research, analysis, and data; but did you know that you can also set up aliases in tags? In fact, publishers can create unlimited aliases for their tags.  

No longer do eggplant lovers have to miss out on all the aubergine content. If an alias has been set up, all searches for ‘eggplant’, will also return results containing ‘aubergine’ and vice versa. 

If you’d like to find out more about aliases and tags, we can help.

Either call or email for a chat or sign up here for a demo of iReports – our industry-leading content publishing and management system.

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