6 ways tech binges are encouraged – and 1 excellent reason why you’ll never binge with Publish Interactive

Poorly-designed technology can be bad for you, but even more concerning are the platforms designed to keep engagement high at all costs – often without the users’ best interests at heart.

Features aimed solely at retaining our engagement will be familiar to most people:

  • Newsfeeds that auto-refresh and scroll endlessly
  • Countdown clocks and auto cueing for video playback
  • Rewards handed out for continuous chats
  • Flashing dots that tell us a contact is preparing a reply
  • Read messages that tell you a conversation is progressing

Addictive tech

From just six bullet points, it’s easy to understand how platforms can encourage addiction and how individual users start to develop bingeing habits. So much so, that those who helped create these technologies are now speaking out against their effects.

Binge free

The platform developed by Publish Interactive isn’t one where a user is likely to binge. For a start, none of the addiction-forming features mentioned is found across the technology; but beyond that, the product is designed to allow users to quickly find information that answers their questions.

Given that our software is a business tool aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its users, the idea of retaining them simply for retention’s sake seems would be counter productive.

Publish Interactive produces smart technology designed not to disrupt your work life, but to enhance it at the point when you need to quickly access high-quality business information.

It doesn’t need you to be there, it’s there for when you need it.

If you’d like to know how this technology could enhance your work life please sign up here for a demo of our industry-leading content publishing and management system.

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