‘So, that’s 200 rows of data that must be entered manually…’

The data’s great, but it’s in PDF.

Ordinarily, the analyst would screenshot this information, but it needs to be edited in Excel before putting it into a presentation.

So, that’s 200 rows of data that must be entered manually by the morning?

If you’ve ever compiled a report, you’ll understand how taking data from other sources and making it fit into your presentation can leave you wanting to weep.

In Publish Interactive reusing data from an interactive report couldn’t be easier…

  • Find and filter the data you need
  • Click to add it to your Clippings
  • Export to a pre-branded PPT or Excel file (along with all necessary attributions and notes)
  • Download the file or share it with colleagues in the platform

All the data you need, where you need it, in minutes, not hours…

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