About Us

About Publish Interactive

Over the course of our 15-year existence, we’ve done just one thing:
develop the Publish Interactive platform.

What’s so special about Publish Interactive?

Unlike other software which is published, patched, then becomes obsolete, our technology is in continuous development. That’s 15-years of industry best practice and customer feedback helping guide our evolution and ensuring the platform is the most advanced research publishing solution available. And that’s all we do, we supply the best possible SaaS research publishing platform to analyst firms.

“I would definitely recommend PI. We’ve had a great working experience with you.” Nicole Saullo – Kline

Really? Tell me more…

We’re backed by our customers – that means we haven’t taken any outside investment. Instead, we’ve grown organically. To put it simply: people thought our technology was good, they paid to use it, and that money funded further development of our platform, which became so vital to the industry that more clients came our way…

Who’s in charge?

Publish Interactive benefits from an experienced and long-established senior team. They are:


Daniel Lord


Mitali Mookerjee
Managing Director


Emma Forber
Director of Client Services


Tom Gibbs
Director of Operations